A semantic web approach applied to integrative bioinformatics experimentation: a biological use case with genomics data.

Lennart J. G. Post1,2 Marco Roos1, M. Scott Marshall1, Roel van Driel2 and Timo M. Breit1
1Integrative Bioinformatics Unit, 2Nuclear Organization Group, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam, 1098 SM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
contact: breit at science.uva.nl

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Knowledge models, data models, and linkage statements

Schematic overview of the knowledge models, the data models, and how they are linked.
Figure 1: Schematic overview of the OWL knowledge models, epi (epige-netics), HistOn (histone), tfbs (TFBS), and tech (technical); the RDFS data models, H3K4me3 and cTFBS; and how they are linked.

Data models
Linkage statements
Knowledge models

RDF data

The data used in our experiments can be found here.

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